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At "Bringing Best IMPEX", we are committed to bringing the best products to India from across the globe.

We are always adding more car care products to our portfolio to satisfy needs of the world`s second largest emerging auto market, India.

Who we are

We are a highly professional group with more than 9 years of experience in marketing, finance and research.  We have deep roots in the US and India and have access to dedicated American and European manufacturers with quality products.

Currently offering
New ! ONR (Optimum No Rinse) Wash & Shine.

Dr. David Ghodoussi, an organic chemist in USA, worked backwards from his knowledge of paint's composition to formulate cleaners and protectants best suited for today's finishes. Years of research and testing led to a line of products that deliver superior results without compromising sensitive clear coat finishes or the environment. 

New ! Brothers Research Corp. was founded in 1975 by Dr. William Bailey and his brother, Jerry to begin marketing a new automotive appearance product. The response was so overwhelming that Brothers Research was formed to market this new offering called "Duragloss". Today, the Duragloss Appearance Line contains 54 products for the Automotive, Marine/RV and Heavy Duty markets.
Try Duragloss products for that "Wet Look" on your car.


From the USA, Collinite Car waxes. Because your Car & Bike deserves the best. We Carry Full Collinite range including the wax & Cleaners for Boats.
Collinite 845 insulator wax, Collinite 915 Marque, Collinite 476s, Collinite 850, Collinite 840, Collinite 855, Collinite 925 & Collinite 920.
Straight From USA, Some of the Best Car Care Products since 1964, A company which grew out of Meguiar`s family & continues to impress the detailers world over. Their Hi Temp Paste Wax BMW1000 or FK1000P is one of the best for Indian Condition. Try & Find by yourself, we guarantee you will like it !


We Introduced Forever Black products in India in early 2011 for the first time. Forever Black products have this amazing ability to bring back the factory Black color on tires, moldings, trim, and bumpers. These 100% silicone free products will bring out the deep richness in black surface areas. With Car companies cutting corners & using cheap plastics, these are the only products available which will give back the beauty to Black plastics & rubber parts for years. 


From the USA, Average Joe offers quality, time tested auto care products for Car Washes, Detailers, Auto Part Stores, Dealerships, Car Enthusiasts, Weekend Warriors, and The Average Joe.


From the USA & Made in Taiwan, Orange Electronics TPMS for Cars P409s & TPMS for Bikes P408s. Put this safety product in your Car & Bike, your ride will be changed forever.


From USA, Name Brand Microfibers: CobraViking, Eurow, Vroom, Peak