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Car Care Applicators & Pads, USA Import:


Best in Its Class & USA Made Armaly® Green pads for application of Polish, Waxes & Protectants to your car. Made with Estracell®, this soft highly absorbent easy rinsing sponge material cleans your cars clear coat finish without scratching ! 

BUGSTER™: Best in Its Class & USA Made Armaly® Green pads. Every Car Owner should have one, Easily removes Bugs from Wind Shield Glass !


Viking®: Easy Glide Applicator Pads with sure Grip technology, Large Size  6.5 Inch in Diameter for Mid-Size to SUV use or for faster application of wax or polish on small cars. 


                     Terry Cotton Side              Foam Side

Duragloss Dual Side Foam Pad: These Unique pads have 2 sides, the foam side can be used for applying wax & other side is Cotton terry, which can be used for applying cleaning, polishing & paint correction compounds. 4.75 inch diameter.     

Pinnacle Yellow Foam Pad:
 These Yellow Foam applicators are one of the best tools available for wax application. Made of quality closed cell soft poly-foam. Soft & Stong. 4 inch diameter. 

Carrand® 4.75 inch Blue Microfiber & White Terry Pads with Gripper. 

lint and streak free. Used for applying Polish, Wax & Protectant. Soft & Absorbent. Assorted colors, In White, Blue & Yellow. 

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