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Cannot be combined with any other offers.  Non-Transferable. 

Start Date:  13 Dec 2011
End Date: None 
                                           4500 Points

Wash Mitt With Scrubber 2-in-1 (US Import):
Make car cleaning easy with this microfiber wash mitt. Its unique 2-sided design is safe for all surfaces. Microfiber side is ideal for washing and cleaning all surfaces. The scrubber side is great for bug removal and getting out those tough bug and tar stains.

           5000 Points                                    6000 Points

5 Piece Eurow Microfiber set:
Detailer's Preference Eurow Brand Ultra Soft Premium Microfiber Towels, Thick & absorbent, Streak Free Finish. Good for removing wax dust. Lint Free & Long Lasting. 350 GSM, Size 16 X 16 Inch, Wash & Reuse Again & Again. 

Super Double Coat Auto Wax No. 476s: One of the finest paste type auto waxes available. It is guaranteed to outlast any competitive auto wax, polish or protective coating under any conceivable condition. No special applicator required. Colinite Super Doublecoat is for those who want to pamper their cars. Clear Coat Safe.


          1800 Points                                           3000 Points

Carrand® 4.75 inch Blue Microfiber & White Terry Pad:
lint and streak free. White pad can be used for applying Polish, Wax & Protectant. Blue pad can be used for Buffing after polish or wax.

Mothers® Premium Microfiber, 1 Piece:
This is a Premium Microfiber 15 x15 inch, Safe for all Finishes, Scratch Free, Ultra Soft & Lint-Free.

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