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Name Brand Microfibers From USA

 Cobra Microfibers:The Very Best of Best Super Premium MFs. 
  a. Green All Purpose 16X16 Inch
  b. Guzzler Microfiber 16 x 24 Inch
  c.  Ultimate Guzzler Microfiber 28 x 44 Inch
  d. Miracle Towels 16 x 24 Inch      

       Peak Microfiber  Set for Regular Use (Best for Starters):

with MF threads is for washing the car, 12 X 12 Inch
Blue is for soaking water after car wash, 16 X 16 Inch
Yellow, terry tight weave is used to apply wax & fold the wax part inside & Buff using new side, 12 X 16 Inch

Decent quality, they are for regular use, all 3 Pcs are meant for different purpose & the texture is for that specific purpose.


    Viking Premium Microfiber Towels 6.25 sq. ft. Out of Stock !   

This Extra Large  Premium Nap Microfiber is to soak up all water from Car after wash. Makes Drying the Car Easy.
25 X 36 Inch Super large            


                                 Vroom Microfibers

Vroom Orange Stripes MF is 350 GSM 15 X 24 inch size, good & cheaper alternate to Viking or Cobra Guzzlers.

b. Vroom light gray & white MF are 14 x 14 inch, light weight & best for Glass & Cleaning Alloy wheels. Very easy to clean howsoever dirty they get, guaranteed.  

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