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Car Detailing Brush sets: 



                                                            Imported from the USA 

Carrand® 3-Pack Detailing Brush Set:

Gets into hard to reach spots to eliminate dust and dirt.

a. Vent and seam detailer, helps remove embedded wax from hard to clean places.
b. Dust and Crevice brush.
c. 2-sided vent louver detailer.

Carrand® 2-Pack Detailing Brush Set:

a. Dual headed electrostatic dash & vent duster.
b. Blow-pump cleaner brush, just squeeze it and a fast jet of air blows away the hard to get dust particles. 

Vroom® 3-Pack Detailing Brush Set:

a. Soft Nylon brush for vents & crevices.
b. Tough Brass brush for Spark Plugs & batteries.
c. Tough Stainless Steel brush for rust on body & bumper.

Horse Hair Wood Handle Detailing Brush 1 Piece:

This little brush is ideal for creases, emblems, molding & areas hard to reach where wax & dirt settles. Can also be used for cleaning inside hard to reach places in your car.

For Distributing cleaners evenly, Completely non-abrasive. Out of Stock !

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