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More Car Detailing Brushes:


Alloy Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Foam Tool:

A tool you always needed to clean those recessed lug nuts. Spray the lug nuts area with detergent water or QD & use the brush with foam insert to clean that hard to reach place. No struggling, no trying to put microfibers ends in there. Keep the brush performing like new by cleaning foam with soapy water or by replacing the Foam Inserts as needed. The Recessed Wheel Lug Nut Brush Kit includes the brush plus two extra foam inserts (one foam attached to tool, total 3 foam inserts). With this tool Maintaining clean wheels has never been easier & Quick !  


Made in USA, 13x2.5 inch.

The Daytona Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush:
For cleaning the tight spaces of your vehicle, like narrow wheel spokes and the grill. The flexible, compact brush goes where no other wheel brush can fit ! Use the Daytona Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush on your vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or ATV.
Now brake dust, grime, and dirt really have nowhere to hide !

No other Brush has the following features for your automobile care, simply, Nothing Better ! :

a. Soft, nonabrasive 2 inch bristles.
b. Patented memory bristles regain their shape.
Chemical resistant.
d. Fits all wheel designs.
e. Reinforced, flexible stem.
f. Safe bonded tip.
g. Knuckle guard protects your hands.
h. Cleans the engine bay, too. 


Mat & Carpet Scrub Brush:

This brush is a powerhouse against inevitable spills and ground in dirt underfoot because of its superior quality. Your carpets and mats are one of the most visible, yet hardest to maintain parts of the car. The right tool, with the right product will help you keep your mats looking their best. The sturdy handle has finger grips for a slip-free scrub and a solid grip. The large, flat surface at the business end of the bristles allow you to agitate with authority, getting deep into the fibers, and loosening ground in grime. 6.5 X 4 Inch.
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