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Introducing First Time in India World Famous "FinishKare" Car Care Products:


The FK #215 One Step Cleaner & Sealant:

This product is OEM approved one step solution to mildly oxidised dull paint for Motor Bikes or Cars. Will remove old layers of wax, polish & visibly improves color and condition of paint. While cleaning, this unique compound lays durable polymers to seal and protect paint from daily grind of environment. It can be applied by hand using a Terry Pad or polishing machine. Follow it up with gentle buffing using Microfiber cloth. Made in USA, 118.3 ml.  

The FK #2180 Ultra Polymer Sealant:

This product is paint sealant for all types of finishes that removes mild oxidation & provides long lasting protection. It penetrates into pores & seals the surface giving great depth of color. It provides maintenance free protection against environmental elements, oxidation and mild detergents. Made in USA, 118.3 ml.  



FK #BWM1000 or 1000P Hi Temp Paste Wax:

Amazing Durability- This high temperature wax provides ultra heat resistant to Bike or Car paint. If your Bike or Car is parked whole day in sun, this is the wax to go ! This full synthetic wax or some people call it "sealant" can withstand temperature up to 121 ºC. It shows extreme hardness, extreme slickness, high gloss with exceptional durability. Unlike natural waxes, it provides consistent results without the quality fluctuations found in natural waxes. 

Gone are the days when white cars were difficult to get a deep gloss & shine. This wax will give shine & protection as never before. For best results use CA duster & FK# 425 for subsequent upkeep.

This wax is best for hot, sunny climates, surpasses even carnauba waxes. If you see heat waves rising off your cars hood on those hot Sunny days, FK 1000P is the wax to use for protection. Made in USA56.7 gm sample small. Will do 4-5 mid size cars. Clear Coat Safe.


FK #425 Extra Slick Final Body Shine:

A quick detailer with anti-static, anti-corrosive formula. The Small sprayer just sprays limited amount needed to provide instant glossy finish. The power is in less use. Cuts down the time on rewashing or rewaxing the car. Will remove dust, finger prints & smudges. Works best if you dust the car with original CA duster before using it. Known to reduce the subsequent dust magnet effect on car. 

Will not scratch your car, apply with clean high quality-microfiber & lightly buff with another clean quality-microfiber for best shine & slickness. Keeps your vehicle clean, shiny & slick. Made in USA, 118.3 ml.

FK#108AS Top Kote Tire Dressing:

An Amazing Products with multiple uses. It is a liquid polymer sealant conditioner formulated to condition, restore and protect all interior, exterior plastic, rubber, leather surfaces, and vinyl surfaces of automobiles. Try it as an Engine bay cleaning & dressing agent, you will never use anything else. It is fortified with an anti-satic  agent to eliminate dust attraction. Made in USA, 118.3 ml.

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