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           Introducing Straight from USA: Signature Series

1. Forever Black™ Bumper & Trim
2. Forever Black™ Tire Gel


    Made in USA

Forever Black™ Bumper & Trim:

Permanently recolors and protects all faded black plastic, vinyl & rubber surfaces on your car without silicones. This product will not attract dust like others in market & will not leave a white crust after few days on black plastics. Protects against UV damage.

a. one 118 ml Cleaner Concentrate bottle: Dilute in water & clean the surface to be recolored black. Rinse the area with fresh water to remove cleaner & wipe & dry the area.

b. one 118 ml Reconditioner bottle: Use the attached foam pad to make the car parts black, Apply uniformly & repeat the process several times until the area looks uniformly black. Wait a few minutes to let the reconditioner dry to apply another layer.

Use on: Faded Bumpers, faded Side Mouldings, faded Mud Guards, faded Door handles, faded Plastic part of Side Mirrors.

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Forever Black™ Tire Gel with Applicator: 

Put the Black Back in you Tires. Outperforms all the other products on the market. Use the supplied applicator.
Unlike all other tire dressings on the market this product is a black pigmented polymer. It is environment friendly & 
will restore faded bronze look of your tires to a rich black lustre.

Eliminate messy oversprays ! You will be surprised with the original brilliant black appearance of your tires.

a. one 236 ml tire gel
b. one Foam Applicator pad 13.3 cm long x 6.7 cm wide.

For Tips & Tricks see BB Impex Forum 

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