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Limited Stock Item:

1. Mothers® Power Ball 4PaintTM
2. Black Magic® Wheel Polishing Tool
3. Absorber® XL


                                                     Imported from the USA.

Power Ball 4PaintTM:

The Versatile Paint Polishing & Waxing Tool. The choice of DIY guys, Makes easy, work of polishing and waxing. Simply attach it to any variable speed drill, apply polish or Wax onto the power Ball & give your car that showroom quality shine. 400 rpm drill will work best. Comes with a sample of Mothers SynWax®


Black Magic® Wheel Polishing Tool: Attaches to a cordless drill max speed 400 rpm. Tapered to reach tight spots in an Alloy wheel, has super advanced system of absorbent foam and soft microfiber. Comes with a sample bottle of Black Magic® Wheel Polish.

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