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Meguiar`s® Ultimate Compound:

Color & Clarity Restorer for neglected car paint. Cuts Fast & is the ultimate product for removing paint defects; oxidation-Scratches-Water Spots- Blemishes without scratching. This revolutionary product has micro-abrasive technology for body shops & detailers use. Use by Hand or DA polisher/orbital. Clear Coat Safe, Made in USA. 450ml

Meguiar`s® Ultimate Polish: 

For deep reflections and hi-gloss, a fine swirl eliminating polish. This is used at the final step before waxing for maximum gloss & reflectivity.
This product adds depth to color, especially on dark colored cars. It removes fine swirls & towel marks for mirror-like reflections. Its Clear coat safe. Made in USA.


Meguiar`s® Swirl X® Swirl Remover:  

Effortlessly removes swirls marks, while enhancing color and clarity. Its an easy to use solution for the #1 Paint problems,450 ml.
Use by Hand or DA.

Meguiar`s® NXT TECH WAX 2.0:

Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 liquid is an ideal synthetic protectant for modern automobile finishes and clear coats. This formulation goes on and comes off easily without a powdery residue, leaving a deep, wet-look shine. It protects against UV damage, and eliminates fine scratches and swirls, providing a tough polymer bond for durable protection, 532 ml.  


 Meguiar`s® Gold Class wax : 
Unique and proprietary blend of conditioners nourish and enrich paint to create clear, deep reflections and brilliant shine

Carnuba and polymer protecting agents reflect damaging UV rays, remove fine swirls, and create strong, long-lasting protection to preserve your finish

Glides on and off smoothly so pampering your car is easy and enjoyable

Clear coat safe and simple to apply and remove, 473.2 ml. 

Meguiar`s® Ultimate Quik Wax:

This small sample size wax is what you need when in a hurry for dazzling quick Shine. Made using hydrophobic polymer technology, this will not whiten on plastic or trim. 177 ml. 

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