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303 is a world famous company which makes some of the best products in auto care.

303 Wiper Treatment:
Stop buying new wipers & waste money.

1. This product makes old wiper blades work like new !
2. Stops noisy blade chattering & skipping !
3. Avoid premature blade replacements.
4. Saves blades from drying out in extreme heat.
5. Treated blades repel snow & ice.

6- Sealed Applicator Packets in Box, each pack will treat 4 Wipers easy!

Total 24 Wiper treatments.


303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets™: 

Super concentrated & especially formulated to completely remove bugs & road film, leaving windshields sparkling clean. Each tablet makes up to 4 liters of super cleaner. Safe for rubber & paint. Fill up a spray bottle & use it to clean glass, 5 Tablets/pack

Will Make Total 20 Liters of Glass Cleaner.

Keep in Glove box for easy access.


Autolite Spark Plug Gap Gauge:

If You Like Changing spark Plugs of Cars, Motor Bikes, Scooters, then you absolutely need this little tool to set the plug gap. If you do not gap correctly the New Spark Plugs, the automobile will sound funny, shake, loose fuel efficiency & what not.

This simple tool can save you lots of trouble & Money,

Seriously !


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